Monday, December 19, 2011

Python with Quality center

We fall back to the topic of test management . we can use all the scripting languages in the world but it boils down to the point on how will you report the status of the testing to your management . well that is true for almost every testing activity manual or automation.

I was wondering what to use , could it be a custom python script to prepare a report or off the shelf product . after going through a bunch of processes , Proof of concepts I came to a conclusion that we can write something in relatively less time but maintaining it is a problem. when I looked at any test management tool that supports python , I came across Quality Center. they have a OTA framework which makes is relatively simple to access their APIs. I spent time on it and found relatively simple to connect with the com objects.

my suggestion , if you have access to QC in your company , give it a shot , should be simple and straight forward for you to use.

I will be posting how to connect to QC from a python script pretty soon.

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